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Translations and Notarizations

Translation and notarization in Canada by Kazakh Service Centre

It is wrong believes that Translation and Notarization are usually the first step in apostille or legalization of documents.

Please do not rush with translation if you are planning to use your Canadian documents in Kazakhstan.

You have 2 options:

Option one – most cost and time effective (I hope Canadian certified translators will not hate us after this post): You do not translate your Canadian documents in Canada at all (just forget about this for the short period of time). You contact us; we implement the regular apostille of the documents via Global Affairs of Canada or at the relevant provincial level. Then, you (or your representative) will translate these documents and all English notarization and apostille stamps on them in Kazakhstan via certified English translators with KZ notary affidavit. The translation in Kazakhstan is not expensive and very efficient. After that your documents will be fully legit in Kazakhstan.

Option two – expensive one

You contact us; we will apostille your Canadian documents at the Global Affairs in Canada or at the provincial level. Then we will translate the documents and all English  stamps on these documents via Canadian certified translator, then implement the consular translation verification at the Embassy of Kazakhstan. In these case you will pay not only for the translation ( that is 3 times expensive in Canada) but also official Embassy consular fees for verification of the translation, that is costly too.

This second option is applicable if no one can help you to translate the legalized documents in Kazakhstan.

Please contact us for additional information or quotation. 

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