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Marriage in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Service Center can prepare and apostille or legalize for you the list of the mandatory documents for marriage in Kazakhstan.
Each marriage case is unique, so please contact us to obtain list of the mandatory documents related to your personal situation and our rate.
To speed up the paperwork preparation process, when you contat us, please answer for the folowing questions:
    When do you plan your ceremony?
    Which citizenship do you have? What about your fiancé?
    Were you born in Canada? If not, please indicate the country. What about your fiancé?
    Where are you physically located right now ( country, province, state, etc...)? What about your fiancé?
    Were you married before? If yes, where did you file your divorce?
    How old are you?
    What type of ceremony are you planning? Civil or religious?
    Are you planning to change your maiden name after the marriage?
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