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Power of Attorney Preparation for Further Use in Kazakhstan and former USSR republics

International Legal Consuls of Kazakh Service Center can prepare any types of internationally recognized Power of Attorneys for further using them in Kazakhstan and in any republics of the former USSR.

The rate is 80 CAD for each power of attorney on English. If you need 2 (two) almost identical power of attorneys please add 20 CAD. The rate for bilingual power of Attorney (Russian –English) is 100 -120 CAD . If you need 2 (two) almost identical bilingual power of attorneys please add 25 CAD.The preparation timing is 24 hours after we get all your relevant personal information from you by email.

We also can apostille or legalize the power of attorney. Our authentication/legalization rates can be checked here:

Please be advised standard templates that Kazakhstan notary publics use are only good for use in Kazakhstan - if you are based overseas you cannot just use them as templates need to be modified accordingly to suit the needs and legislations of both countries.

Kazakh Service Centre guarantees 100% that our internationally recognized Power of Attorney will be accepted in Kazakhstan or other countries of the former USSR. 

 Please contact us to start Power of Attorney Preparation process!

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