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Kazakhstan Police Certificates

Often people, who used to live or work in Kazakhstan (as citizens of Kazakhstan or under a visa), need a Police Certificate from Kazakhstan (Certificate of Absence of Convictions in Kazakhstan). This Kazakhstan Police Certificate may be needed for immigration or work purposes. People can request such certificate from  Embassy or Consulate of Kazakhstan.
However, such requests may take significant time ranging in months (4-8 months) as the Kazakhstan Embassy and Consulate General will send the request by regular diplomatic mail to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Kazakhstan in Astana. The MFA in Astana would then process the diplomatic mail in due course and send the request by government courier to the necessary agency for retrieving the record. The retrieved record is sent back by government courier to the MFA for next diplomatic mail to the USA. Diplomatic mail is not sent regularly often, and by law a state agency can take their own time to respond to requests even from the MFA.
As the need for Kazakhstan Police Certificates is usually very time-critical, Kazakh Service Center recommends another alternative route below which is much faster.

Alternative Way to Get Kazakhstan Police Certificates

In a nutshell, the alternative way to get Kazakhstan Police Certificate is contact Kazakh Service Centre who can obtain this certificate for you in Kazakhstan within 7-10 working days.

Important Caveats

Kazakh Police Certificates Examples of Kazakhstan Police Certificates - acceptable and not acceptable for international usePlease note that there 2 types of Kazakhstan Police Certificates. One can be obtained via any Population Service Center (TSON) but such certificates are only good for internal use for submission to domestic (Kazakhstan) employers. It is no good for international use as it will be a mere printout from the government computer database unlike the second type. The second type can be obtained from either General Prosecutor's Office in Astana or its territorial detachments of the Committee of Justice Statistics and Special Records in Almaty and other major cities of Kazakhstan.

The 2nd type will be on official letterhead of the Committee, and is the only type of Kazakhstan Police Certificate internationally acceptable. The issued certificate would show:

  • If a criminal record exists (and the articles of law involved);
  • If a person has been reported missing and/or wanted;
  • If a person is under investigation.

Information in the certificate would be listed by Last Name (or any name previously used), First name, Date of Birth and Place of Birth. No administrative violations will be listed as they are not considered criminal. In most cases, when an individual has a "clean" record, the certificate is marked with "no record found" ("svedeniy net"), date and name stamps.

Our Kazakhstan Police Certificate Services

Kazakh Service Center can assist you with retrieving your Kazakhstan Police Certificate in Kazakhstan. We can assist you regardless of the place of your former residence in Kazakhstan.

Please contact us to figure out the rate and procedures. Family members discount applies. We use DHL, PonyExpress and KazPost Express for return shipment. We will need your exact address to estimate international courier charges from Kazakhstan. Please contact us for specific requirements for retrieving your Kazakhstan Police Certificate. We usually do not do Kazakhstan apostille after obtaining such certificate in Kazakhstan as it is seldom required (additional charges apply).  The regular timing is 10 working days. RUSH Service is currently unavailable. Please be advised that provided rate includes the service of certified Canadian translator. Eventually you will be provided not only the original Police certificate but also its translation, so you can submit them to CIC Canada immediately. You will be provided official receipt. 

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